The Date is Set…Iron Girl Triathlon June 26, 2011!!

So I did it! I signed up.

It’s not the first triathlon I’ve signed up for, that was last year, but this will be the first one I actually complete! It’s not that I probably couldn’t have done the Girlfriends and Dudes Tri in July, I mean, I’d been running and cycling, and how hard could it have been to swim the Columbia River downstream in a wetsuit—I could have floated down the course if I was tired! But a major life change in the midst of training got into my head, and as I’ve realized, running is as much, if not more, of a head thing as a body thing.

So I’m dusting off Slow Fat Triathlete by Jayne Williams for a reread. Posted a request for a training partner in Vancouver on the Portland Triathlon Club group and have had a couple of replies to respond to. Will head to the Tri club meeting the 11th for more support.

So what have I done to train so far? Well, I’ve painted the downstairs and upstairs hallways…wow. Hey, it’s got to help…I broke out in a sweat even! Seriously, I’m doing some research on a training plan and hope to get started Monday. No, I am not procrastinating, I am preparing for battle!

Excited to add my first triathlon to my 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathon, Muddy Buddy, Portland Bridge Pedal, and Portland to Coast accomplishments. Have some other adventure races on my mind for this year so stay tuned!

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