Energizing, Delicious, and Filling Recipes!

Hi Cindy!

I made three recipes from the cooking classes today, all were scrumptious! ?

White bean dip was even more flavorful than I thought it could be. The seitan noodles and zippy yams were perfect for dinner. I subbed kale for the collards.

I love how filling but energizing these recipes are (and delicious, too!).

Thanks again!

Inspiring, Knowledgeable, and Approachable!

Cindy is so knowledgeable and approachable. She showed how to prepare beautiful food that is delicious and healthy. Definitely an inspiration for anyone looking to eat plant-based foods!

Kyla Page

Cindy Has a Way to Make What Can Sometimes Feel Impossible, Possible!

I can say a lot but if you want to skip all of the details read this—Cindy helped me optimize my health and find a food plan that worked for me and my long-term goals. Just by eating delicious food, just by sticking to a few simple guidelines, I was able to get myself down to a weight that I haven’t been at since middle school! I am 42 now!

Cindy has a way to make what can sometimes feel impossible, possible. I had already been vegan before beginning coaching sessions with Cindy, so eliminating the animal products wasn’t a problem, but eliminating the oils and fats in my diet seemed like it would be really hard to do. Cindy and her program taught me that it not only was easy but extremely delicious and satisfying to eat a whole food, plant based, no oil menu and not miss a thing!

I reached a point after our sessions where I had all the tools I needed to be successful for a lifetime of wellness and vitality. I still check in with Cindy from time to time and she’s always available.

Now that I am on the other side of coaching, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that without Cindy’s mentorship, I wouldn’t be as healthful today as I currently am, with the additional knowledge that I can do this for a lifetime! This isn’t a diet. This is a way of eating that I enjoy and thrive with!

Book your session today. You’ll be so happy you did. Cindy is the jam!

Trimazing! Coaching Client

Fun and Inspiring Cooking Class

I enjoyed my class with Cindy, and came away with great recipes and tips for delicious healthy easy-to-prepare meals. It was a fun and inspiring experience!

Lisa Merrill

Encouraging at Every Step on Incorporating New Skills

Working with Cindy has really helped me to see  where I can add in plant-based food into my family’s and my daily life. My girls (aged 10 and 13) have had a great time becoming involved with creating less waste in our home and environment and assisting in making non-toxic household cleaners to use in our home. I really enjoy that I am spending time with my family while encouraging positive, healthy life skills!  Cindy has been encouraging at every step of incorporating new skills and ideas and has great information to share.

I’m Going to More Trimazing! Classes!

Thank you Cindy for a wonderful, powerful class on power foods. Please send me info on future classes!

Not Only Did I Develop Good Eating Habits, My Skin is Clearer than Ever!

I learned so much working with Cindy. I appreciated that she really took the time to break down concepts for me with time to practice or soak in information. It allowed me to pick up one skill at a time rather than getting overwhelmed with details. For example we focused on making sure to get in enough protein one week, and focused on the benefits of eating different colors the next! My skin remains clearer than it’s ever been and I’ve noticed little things like nails no longer breaking. It’s all thanks to her helping me develop good eating habits!

Trimazing! Was the Key Ingredient to My Personal Transformation

Thank you for the partnership these past months in making a seemingly impossible topic (for me) a more “digestible” and actually achievable goal. You have been the one key ingredient to my personal transformation. I look forward to future engagements. With gratitude.

Positive and Helped Solved any Challenge we Faced!

Working with Cindy was a great experience! Very positive and goal oriented and she helped problem solve any challenges we faced.


Life Changing!

Life changing!!! The info in Trimazing! cooking classes will save and improve many lives!!

So Professional and Engaging!

Thank you so much for the class this morning. I truly enjoyed it very much and learned new things.

It was so professional and had such an interesting structure that engaged the audience.

Only 14 Weeks In and Husband’s A1C is Down From 6.1 to 5.9 and PSA Level Fell From 5.93 to 2.57!

My husband & I started WFPB eating 14 weeks ago and let me tell you, it has been a wonderful change for both of us, especially for my husband.

My husband was told by his doctor in Nov 2021 that he was overweight & pre-diabetic. He has been on Lipitor for about a year for high cholesterol and his PSA levels were very high. I am a bit over weight and type 2 diabetes & heart problems run in my family; my dad had a heart attack and is diabetic and I lost my mother a few years ago to a heart attack & complications from diabetes. So I started researching and looking into diabetic diets and I found the book “Mastering Diabetes.” I bought it, went home and read through it, and was amazed at how changing the way you eat was so powerful.

Then I found Cindy with Trimazing. So I thought, what the heck, what do we have to lose but some weight and the possibility of not becoming a diabetic and having other health issues. So I Called Cindy and we talked. I sat down and talked to my husband about making the change. He was very skeptical and wasn’t willing to give up meat, especially seafood, but I asked him to please give it a try.  He reluctantly came on board.

I started working with Cindy 14 weeks ago and here is what has happened so far:

  • My husband’s A1C fell from 6.1 to 5.9
  • His PSA fell from 5.93 to 2.57!
  • He’s off Lipitor
  • Husband’s lost a little over 20 lbs. and I have lost about 17 lbs.
  • Both of us have more energy then we did 14 weeks ago

Oh and he is loving eating WFPB and he doesn’t miss any meat, not even seafood, in fact he’s made comments that food has never tasted so good.

I will let you know once we get his bloodwork back on the results of his cholesterol test as we are hoping that the results are as good as the rest of his results–especially being off the Lipitor.
We are very excited to continue our journey in eating WFPB and working with Cindy.

Thank you Cindy for all that you have done and continue to do. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Trimazing! Coaching Client

My Blood Pressure’s Normal Again!

I had taken several classes from Cindy at Trimazing and knew that she had a wealth of information and a skill for teaching. While I was already following a WFPB lifestyle, I found my blood pressure to be too high and was having a difficult time getting it under control. So I decided to get one-on-one coaching from Cindy to help in that area. Wow…it was a great decision. She has the ability to look at the facts, ask the right questions, and help you come up with a workable solution that works for you. Within 3 sessions, I had make some crucial changes that brought my blood pressure into acceptable range, plus found solutions to some other nagging problems, like forgetting to take my medication and increasing my exercise routine. I am so VERY pleased! Thank you Cindy for helping me make the changes I needed and for your continued support in improving my health!

Trimazing! Coaching Client

Your Class Made My Mom Smile and I was in Tears Over Her Excitement!

Can I just say that you are triple awesome??? My mom had me in tears over her excitement. She has been going on and on about your class and that you were so personable with everyone. She said she felt so comfortable and that you may have convinced her to even try beets again!

She appreciated all of the information and said she felt like she was talking amongst friends. Thank you so much for that beautiful experience. It’s been a tough road, but your class made her smile yesterday ❤️

Daughter, who registered her Mom, a Breast Cancer Survivor, for a Trimazing! cooking class

You Changed Our Lives!

Thank you for opening my eyes to this way of eating along with zero waste and all that goes with that way of living. We are slowly making changes that promote a healthier way of living for us and the community around us. Anyway thanks again for…introducing the way you do life. It literally changed ours!

A Super Fun Evening, Even Teenager-Approved!

I recently took a class with Trimazing! Vegan Lifestyle and Health Coaching and zero waste household cleaners. It was awesome and got my daughter and I working on switching our home over to natural, zero waste cleaners! ❤❤ Super easy cleaners to make and was a super fun evening with my fav 13 year old.”

Love the Extra Tips and Tricks!

This class was fantastic! I really appreciate the extra tips and tricks.

Cooking/Education Class Attendee

From a Trial Run to Plant-Based Eating!

I’ve been considering changing to a plant-based diet for a while and Trimazing’s 5-day Reset gave me an opportunity to do a trial run. Cindy provided great recipes that I’m sure I’ll make again and again, as well as helpful information about the whole-food plant-based way of eating. The ongoing support and check-ins throughout the week were very helpful in keeping on track, and I learned a lot from the questions and experiences of others in the Winter Reset group.

Thank you so much for a great program and all the tools, resources, and support, Cindy! I’d definitely do a Reset again.


Great to Work With and High Energy!

You were great to work with all show day, and managed to remain high energy for all of those classes, which we so much appreciate! We will definitely reach out in the future.

Corporate Wellness Retreat Program Manager

Your Work is Amazing!

Thank you, thank you, ONE MILLION TIMES thank you for your management of the Power of Produce program this year. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing your work was AND how instrumental that success is in keeping the Power of Produce program going in years to come! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you!

Carnation, WA Farmers Market Manager

Down to Earth, Patient, and Kind

Cindy is awesome! She is down to earth with terrific ideas and recipes. Cindy is patient and kind; she is not terse with repeated questions or ideas. I intend to take more classes from her.

E. M.

Professors Should Take Lessons from You!

Kudos for a great class yesterday—both the content and the logistics. I attended partly because my sister has been promoting the whole-foods plant-based diet for several years and partly as a voyeur to see how well an online class that wasn’t just talking would work. Afterward, I talked to my daughter, who runs tons of Zoom meetings for her job and is working on an MBA that had to move to online. She said you were terrific — she wishes a couple of her professors would take lessons from you!

I particularly liked the team approach and how well it worked for getting questions answered without interrupting the flow.

Thank you.

Recommend Trimazing! to Anyone Wanting to Learn WFPB Lifestyle, Lose Weight, and Gain Health!

So, how much time do I have!!?? I just finished my 8 sessions with Cindy and honestly, working with her was a pure joy. I came to Trimazing very green and willing to learn the Whole Food/Plant Based way of eating and Cindy made the transition attainable and successful. At our weekly meetings we discussed gains and growth, as well as barriers or questions. Her breadth of knowledge on all things metabolic health, nutrition, and cooking for WFPB is very impressive and all questions had thoughtful answers. I have gained so much knowledge in a short time with her homework assignments of books to read, documentaries to watch, recipes to try, and a myriad of online resources to review. The hands on classes were extremely helpful as I am a visual learner (grocery shopping trip/label review, cooking vegan recipes, using household appliances to make meal prep easy, etc…) Cindy is kind and passionate about helping people and our environment. I would recommend Trimazing to anyone wanting to learn WFPB lifestyle, lose weight, and gain health. I am truly blessed to have found this program, thank you!

Trimazing! Coaching Client

You’ll Learn More Than Just the Recipes in a Trimazing! Cooking Class

My friend and I had a wonderful experience with Cindy in her “Trimazing Kitchen” for a 2 hour cooking class.

Everything was prepped, organized, and ready to go when we arrived. We learned how to make Trimazing! Mac and Cheeze, Sushi Salad, Mongolian Vegetable Stir Fry, and Nice Cream. All Whole Food Planted Based recipes; easy, healthy, and delicious. We also learned many helpful cooking techniques, tips for spicing dishes, making yummy sauces and oil-free salad dressings, as well as pantry and refrigeration organization and storage.

I learned so much more than just how to make these four healthy recipes while we were cooking together. I would highly recommend her cooking classes!

Laura Sue O'Hara

You Should Take A Trimazing! Class!

Wow, so much information on breast cancer and cancer prevention that I didn’t know. You should take this class!

One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made—I Lost 25 Pounds and Gained Energy!

Working with Cindy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.  Over the 16 weeks of her coaching services, I have lost 25 lbs and am more productive & energetic. It has been 20 years since I have felt this good.  Learning how to eat a Whole Foods Plant Based diet has been life changing and I never would have come this far without the amazing support and guidance from Cindy.  The personal oil-free vegan cheese cooking class and one on one grocery store shopping trip were extremely helpful and valuable. Cindy is the real deal – extremely knowledgeable, thorough, professional and really helps you achieve your goals successfully. Make the investment in yourself and work with Cindy.  You will not regret it.

Trimazing! Coaching Client

Statistics Got me Excited, But I Absolutely LOVE the Way You Cook—Will Definitely Take More Classes!

Thank you! The Cooking for COVID Weight Loss Class was exactly what I needed. I have Diabetes and Heart Disease in both sides of my family and at 63, I need to shed quite a few pounds. I consider myself an adventurous cook but learned so much from just one class! I was familiar with fat calorie info, but it was the statistics you gave us on FIBER that got me excited! And, I absolutely LOVE the way you cook, sharing advice on how to prep certain foods (like garbanzos!) ahead of time, substitute collard greens for celery or just introduce a new kitchen tool like the microplane! I will definitely be taking more classes! Thanks, again!

Gwen Foor

All the Flavor Without the Oil!

Jacob and I learned how to make tamales, handmade tortillas, and enchiladas today. Plant-based, squash-based, oil-free deliciousness. Instead of oil, you use winter squash. All the flavor, none of the oily-ness. So delicious! ?
Thank you Lydia at Pebble Cove Farm Inn and Cindy at Trimazing! Health & Lifestyle Coaching Community.

You Gave Me Hope!

Thank you! Your class was full of information. I loved the recipes and the hope you give us all.

Breast Cancer Class Attendee

Take Advantage of the Compassionate, Knowledgeable Support Cindy Provides

This was a phenomenal experience. I was with Cindy for nearly a year and I have a very stubborn, persistent concerns when it comes to food. I had no idea that such a patient, caring person existed in the real world. Cindy is clear, knowledgeable and unbelievably positive.

The process is very comprehensive and covers a lot of territory. I had weekly zoom meetings, access to daily texts and a lot of helpful advice. Cindy makes it clear that the person who is asking for help is the one directing the process. Everyone has very individual needs and cookie cutter will not do when it comes to the “weight loss journey.” I dislike this expression for a lot of reasons but the main reason is that it doesn’t cover it. There are so many aspects of our lives that are bound up in weight and eating concerns. Weight is just a physical manifestation of issues we need to address.

Cindy was kind, brave and genuinely helpful. There are a million other things that I asked her support on. Cindy helped me think about the tests I should consider when having a physical, gave me ways to prepare for a colonoscopy, guidance when selecting a physical therapist. If I had a question or a concern, there were many options and resources sent to my e-mail long before our next session. Yes, there was also a summation of the session that helped me to stay on track.

She is going to be completely in your corner with her only goal being how can you learn to make the very best and kindest choices for yourself including finding positive ways look at a slip up. I have spent entirely too many years up to my eyes in shame concerning food. Looking at it in a more practical, nonjudgemental way creates the space to really address the concern. Cindy referred to it as ” data” collection. What did I need to do to help me to be less likely to run into the same problems again. I hope you are fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of the compassionate, knowledgeable support Cindy provides.

Trimazing! Coaching Client

Great with New Vegans

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with new vegans!

Peace Advocacy Network

Cindy Listened, Never Pushed, and Supported My Journey Toward My Goals

Life coaching with Cindy is amazing! I am a busy single-mom with ADHD and 2 kids. Cindy was amazingly gracious in working with me to find times and make herself available when I could meet. She took the time to listen to my concerns and worked with me on where I wanted to go and ways I thought she could best help support my journey to get there. During our meetings, she was patient in letting me ask questions and in trying to explain things. Never once did I feel her pushing anything *she* wanted. It truly was about supporting me and my goals for my life.

I mentioned ADHD to let you know how incredibly adaptable she is. For all my sharp turns and foggy moments, Cindy did not falter in her support and caring.

Add her firefighting background to the mix was even a huge help! Not only did she help me with personal goals, but also in how to better communicate with my doctor!

Overall, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She will work on getting to know you and your goals, ask you to set the pace you can be successful with, match you step for step, and check in every meeting to make sure you are making the progress you want to feel successful.

Trimazing! Coaching Client

I’m On the Road for Better Health!

I recently completed the 5-day Trimazing Winter Reset and am so happy I chose to do this. Cindy made it so easy by including great resources with recipes, checking in with us daily, taking the time to answer any questions; all the while, cheering us on. I lost several pounds in those 5 days, have increased energy and lost my craving for unhealthy snack foods, learned to shop and prep ahead and gained many new favorite recipes. I know because of these steps, I’m on the road to better health. Thank you, Cindy!


So Inspiring!

Thank you so much for sharing your health/vegan journey with us. We are so happy to learn about your inspiring story!

Pasado's Safe Haven

I Now Have a Plan That Fits Into My Busy Life

I had lost weight eating plant-based, but my weight loss had slowed down. I hired Cindy to coach me, hoping she could think of ideas I had not thought of regarding my weight loss. She was a resource of information. She was so professional, listening to my issues and providing wonderful ideas for me to try. She helped me come up with a plan that would fit into my busy life. I highly recommend Cindy for wellness coaching. She is excellent!!

Trimazing! Coaching Client

Total Cholesterol Dropped 90 Points in TWO MONTHS!

Cindy, I just received my test results, my total cholesterol dropped from 217 to 127. Thanks for your help in making this diet change work!

20% Improvement in Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Blood Pressure, and Weight!

As an athlete and healthcare professional, I came to Trimazing to see if there were any changes I needed to make to improve my health and athletic performance. I didn’t think I’d get the kind of results that I obtained and was most surprised a 20% improvement in my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and weight. I am convinced of the positive health benefits with a plant-based diet and lifestyle have incorporated this into my everyday life.

Changing How I Eat

Just want to thank you for a very informative and well run class. I will use the information daily and it will change the way I eat!

Diabetes Class Attendee

Cindy’s a Real Pro and Inspiring!

Cindy’s cooking class was fun, informative and delicious! She’s a real pro. The class was very organized, well paced and inspiring. Afterwards we were treated to a delicious healthy plant based meal and left with easy to follow recipes and left overs. Looking forward to taking another class!

Great Cooking Tips Got Me Inspired for Healthy Cooking!

Trimazing! inspired me to start cooking healthy for my husband again, so he will stop resorting to junk. I’ve been doing a lot of meal prepping as a result, but Trimazing! gave me some amazing quick tips! I feel great again and my mood has been great again as well!! No oil whole plant food based eating is the best!!

Katie Rico

Educational, Informative, and Life-Changing

The coaching Trimazing provided me was educational, informative, life-changing. Her approach was to take me step-by-step on a journey to make me aware of things that I was missing. She is a great listener, asked many thought-provoking questions that helped me articulate my goals. I highly recommend Cindy to anyone that is interested in improving their health. I even learned how to cook and how to shop!

The Perfect Balance of Educational Information & Fun!

??? Plants are amazing! ???

I had the pleasure of attending the Foods and Breast Cancer Survival with @trimazingvlc tonight and I am inspired!

I believe that a WFPB lifestyle is the healthiest way to live and after being part of this class, I have no doubt it is our best chance at living a disease free life. I also learned there other things that we can do, too. ??

Check out @trimazingvlc for future classes. They are the perfect balance of educational information & fun, and by fun, I’m talking about FOOD! ?

Part of the class was a cooking demo! Cindy showed us how to make several dishes using whole food plant based ingredients and no oil. They all looked so good and I had to make one right after class. ? This is Homestyle Squash & Kidney Beans.

Thank you @trimazingvlc!


Thank You for Your Work in Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer!

Cindy, this class has been wonderful! Thank you so much for your work in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Appreciate you so much!

Trimazing! Makes Plant-Based Easting Attainable and Fun!

Take Cindy’s classes if you want to learn about how attainable a plant-based way of eating is! She is incredibly knowledgeable and full of amazing ideas. You won’t believe how easy it is! She has a way of making everything simple and fun!

Safer, Effective, and More Economical Cleaners

This year, I’ll be eliminating store bought cleaners. Attended a workshop with Trimazing! Vegan Lifestyle and Health Coaching, next step is buying my ingredients, using up the last of the cleaners I have left and starting fresh. Homemade cleaners are effective, safe, sustainable, and, as an added bonus, much more economical.