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What if fossil fuels are only the second leading cause of climate change?

I’m so excited to announce the release of a compelling new book that I had the honor in contributing content for, Food is Climate by Glen Merzer.

Read on to learn how you can get a special bonus after buying this book!

We have had record-breaking heat across the planet the past few years. This June, we experienced the heat dome at our house east of Seattle with several days over 105°F (temps at my mom’s house hit an unprecedented 114 degrees!) Even the Arctic has seen temperatures that most of us can’t tolerate without air conditioning. Wildfires have ravaged California, the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and Australia. There is no longer any question that humanity faces a climate emergency of its own making; the only question is whether we can collectively muster the will to change our ways in order to save ourselves, and to save life on the planet.

114°F in Southwest Washington, June 26, 2021. Photo courtesy of Linda Thompson

For decades, we have been warned by climate scientists of the danger of global warming and informed of the best solutions by environmentalists and activists. We have been consistently told that we need to become more energy-efficient, to move to electric vehicles, and to generate clean, renewable energy to meet our needs.

But what if the leading cause of climate change has been effectively hidden from public view? What if it’s our food?

Glen Merzer’s new book, Food is Climate, blows the lid off the climate debate with his scientifically-supported claim that animal agriculture is the leading emitter of greenhouse gases. And by far!

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

But now we have a new moral imperative to consider in the debate. What if, as all the science tells us, the very process of creating animal foods—growing and fattening livestock (whether on grain or grass, with or without the assistance of antibiotics) and then slaughtering them, or casting mile-long nets into the sea to harvest everything that swims in it—is the foremost cause of the destruction of our planet and its atmosphere?

Then the meat-eater is saying to the vegan, “Enjoy your brown rice and vegetables. For as long as my hamburger allows us to breathe.”

It makes for a very different moral equation.

In addition to all of the great data and information presented, Food is Climate includes a entire section of whole food, plant-based, vegan recipes, including several of my own Trimazing! recipes!

Spicy Mock Crab California Roll. Yum!

Food is Climate is a must-read. If you’re already on a plant-based diet, you may want to share it with those who are not. And you may want to weigh in with policy makers who are still pretending that animal agriculture isn’t the leading cause of the heat, drought, flooding, and fire that threaten our world.

This book is so important that every scientist, policy-maker, and journalist attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-26) in Glasgow, November 1-12, 2021, will receive a copy. 

Critical Reviews

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others have had to say about this great book:

Food Is Climate is a razor-sharp analysis of the crucial role of diet for saving our home, Planet Earth. Merzer’s work provides the most concise argument I have seen for why we must revert back to the traditional diets of human beings, diets based on common starches such as corn, potatoes, and rice. This is the same diet, I, as a medical doctor, have used to cure thousands of my patients, over the past forty-four years, suffering with common chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

—John McDougall, MD, Author, Researcher, Grandfather


A very readable story of man’s impact on climate, seeing through the ‘clean energy’ mantra that has most of us mesmerised. This story is how cutting down trees, degrading land, stripping the seas of their natural climate defence, has destroyed the natural world and climate, and how our ravenous appetites, particularly for red meat and dairy, are killing the systems that keep us alive. Not to mention the compelling expose of how industries with vested interests have distorted even United Nations reports to avoid scrutiny. It smells like big tobacco strategies all over again.

Merzer reveals how the work of Al Gore and others has misled us with a narrative that is blind to the real changes that are needed, and shows us the transformational power of trees, soils, and removing livestock. I strongly believe Merzer is right, and we need to get behind these ideas.

—Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop, Former Principal Scientist, Queensland Government Natural Resources, Australia; Lead Scientist and Founder, World Preservation Foundation


With Food Is Climate, Glen Merzer delivers a searing indictment against the meat and dairy industries and those who abuse wealth and power to sustain them. Let it be known that there is nothing conscionable, never mind sustainable, about animal agriculture. We ignore it and its emerging consequences at our peril. Read this book, feel angry, and exercise your daily right to do something about it with the help of the yummy recipes included.

—Jonathan Balcombe, author of Super Fly, and What a Fish Knows

Food is Climate is the book that every vegan should read—and then gift to everyone else!


Buy a copy today here and then send your proof of purchase of Food is Climate to, write BONUS in the subject line, and you will receive 25 Additional Healthy Vegan Recipes. Allow 2 or 3 days for it to hit your inbox.

I hope you read this book. It is eye-opening and gives hope that there is something we can do today, RIGHT NOW, to make a positive impact in slowing climate change and saving life on this planet as we know it.


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  1. Nancy Guralnick on December 2, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    I purchased Food is Climate on my amazon account. Do I still get the BONUS recipes?

    • Cindy Thompson, Trimazing! Health & Lifestyle Coaching on December 2, 2021 at 3:24 pm

      Hi Nancy: Send proof of purchase of the paperback, Kindle, or audiobook of Food Is Climate to, write CHEF AJ in the subject line, and you will be sent a bonus file of more than 25 low-fat, sugar-free, vegan recipes (in addition to the more than 65 in the book).

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