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Listen to Cindy's inspirational Trimazing! story, going from overweight and unhappy to a healthy, fit, Ironman competitor on a plant-based diet, helping others do the same!

Chuck Carroll chats with retired firefighter Cindy Thompson who shed an amazing 60 pounds after adopting a plant-based diet! But losing weight wasn’t her only motivation for change. There was something far more powerful driving Cindy, a former cheese addict, to give up meat and dairy.

The one thing she wasn’t expecting on her journey? For her entire fire crew to take the plant-based plunge with her!

Today, Cindy is still changing lives as a Food For Life instructor, teaching classes in person and online.

Vegan Mainstream

Pivot! Vegan Business Interview with Stephanie Redcross of Vegan Mainstream. Cindy describes how she turned the COVID-19 shutdown into an opportunity to grow her business with a quick pivot into a new service delivery.


Video Appearances

So Many Cooks in the Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking with Beans

Cindy joins 11 other Food for Life Instructors in this information-packed program showcasing the versatility of beans. She demonstrates her recipe for Blackened Tempeh. Instructor Bios and Recipes here.


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