A Great First Week!

Well it has been a busy and productive first week of Tri training! I was reflecting on it today while sitting in the car getting the oil changed, wishing I had my laptop with me so I could capture my stream of consciousness at the time…

24 Hour Fitness was a great decision for me. Working out with my friend Donna has also been a great move. Having a place and a partner helps me motivated and helps battle whatever excuses I could come up with to not train, i.e. it’s too rainy or dark or cold to run or cycle outside, etc. Besides that, the classes have been great and have introduced a lot of variety into my training other than running, cycling, and swimming.

Speaking of swimming…I realized this week during my pool time that I have no idea how to do the swim training! This is probably why I didn’t actually do any swim training last year in my Tri prep, I just didn’t admit it before. I have a plan, however, to fix this. I purchased a book, The Triathlete’s Guide to Swim Training by Steve Tarpinian; apparently I’m not the only person with this issue. It has a lot of information for the beginner triathlete and great training plans. And, as luck would have it, a member of the Portland Triathlon Club (PTC) is hosting a Newbie Coffee Hour at their home Saturday, so I should get some good information and guidance there. I’m really looking forward to this newbie meeting since I got sleeted out of the monthly PTC meeting last week.

So last week’s stats, 5 training days, 2 rest days (my body made sure I got those rest days, believe me), included running, swimming, weight training, Zumba (way fun), yoga, and Boot Camp (way, way, way intense and a butt kicker). And….I’ve lost seven pounds! I’m not posting all the training details because they are all logged on my Facebook page from My Fitness Pal updates.

Lastly, I’ve also been working on my personal energy/spirituality, which I think is an essential part of this. I attended a wonderful experiential class last night that focused on being present and mindful with yourself, so important, and so often missed. In fact, as I was laying on the floor breathing, feeling my heart beat, I wondered why I didn’t take the time to do that more, time for my self. And I don’t mean time for myself, the time spent busily doing things for me, but time for my SELF, my soul, my energy. It was an important realization for me, something I will work on more.

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