Peleton® Bike or Tread Discount

Peleton® has transformed how we work out, and I'd love to share it with you. With Peleton® Bike or Tread, you can join live and on-demand studio classes all from the convenience of home.

There are thousands of classes, from cycling, running, yoga, meditation, boot camp, and more, whenever you want. They challenge me daily. I absolutely love it, and it would be even more fun if we could workout together!

And if you travel, like Alan does, you can do workouts from wherever you are with the Peleton® app on your phone, laptop, or TV. You can even run outside with a running workout!

I'm thrilled to give you a Peleton® referral for a discount. Go to Peleton® to check out the Peleton® Bike or Tread. Enter my referral code: YH4Z77 during your purchase and get $100 toward accessories.

See you in class and Join my Peleton® group at #trimazing

*View full terms here: Valid for Bikes and Treads purchased in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. Currency of reward is contingent upon country of residence. Exchange rates and limitations may apply. Valid while supplies last.

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