Sno-Valley Vegan Potluck

Photo of an A-Board sign on a sidewalk indicating the Sno-Valley Vegan Potluck in the Studio Beju garden. Day 18 – Vegan Potluck

When I lived in the Portland/Vancouver area, I really enjoyed an active vegan community. The local vegan group, NW Veg, held lots of community events, including monthly potlucks, and I liked going and meeting other like-minded people and trying new foods. I’d not found this type of group in the Seattle area, and while there are some vegan events, the majority of them are in downtown Seattle on weeknights, which takes considerable travel time (an hour and a half each way!) for me to attend.

So I decided to start a local vegan group in my community. Sno-Valley Vegans has met twice, starting last month, for local potlucks. I didn’t know any other vegans or vegetarians in my local area (other than some clients) and wasn’t sure how many would even be out there. I started a private Facebook group and posted about it in other local community discussion groups, and lo and behold, people started signing up! At this time, we have 42 members—more than I ever imagined!

Great spread at Sno-Valley Vegan Potluck.

Great Vegan Spread!

Our first potluck was in August. Studio Beju, a wellness center I am associated with, offered their beautiful garden for our event. The weather was great and we had 10 people attend—two of which were neighbors who live up the street from me that I’d never met! It was great to get to know each other and try some excellent vegan food!

Sno-Valley Potluck in my kitchen.

Potluck in my kitchen!

The second potluck was last night. I ended up hosting it at my home, because the venue I’d chosen needed the space for a different event. We had 9 people at this potluck. The food and company was excellent. And again, I met people that lived in the next neighborhood over from us. The weather was great and we enjoyed our potluck out on the deck while the kids played bocce ball on the lawn.

Kids playing bocce ball at the Sno-Valley Vegan Potluck .

Bocce Ball on the Lawn

We haven’t had a real structure to the potlucks, yet, as we’re just getting started. Folks are asked to bring vegan food, and to label ingredients on an index card or paper so people can scan for any allergens they may have. I do ask people to bring their own dishes, utensils, napkins, and drinking vessels when we are at venues other than my home, so that we can be zero waste, but I do provide drinking water, tea, and coffee and backup dishes and silverware in case people forget theirs. We may start doing some theme nights occasionally, which could be really fun, and maybe add a vegan book club component to discuss different vegan topics.

Sno-Valley Vegan Potluck on our deck.

Potluck on the deck

If you’re in the Snoqualmie Valley outside of Seattle, please look us up! We are on Facebook as Sno-Valley Vegans and we’d love to have you join us. We’re looking for additional places to have the potlucks throughout the Sno-Valley and hope to have other fun vegan events, such as Vegan Night Out at local restaurants, going to vegan documentaries, or VegFests, etc. And if you’re not in the area and don’t have a local vegan group, I highly recommend starting one! This has been so much fun and great to meet other vegans right in my own backyard.

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