Move More Month 2022

No fooling, April is Move More Month!

I’m thrilled to partner with three great Snoqualmie Valley organizations: Tolt Travel Therapy, Yoga Garden, and Physiocare Physical Therapy for Snoqualmie Valley Move More Month!

Weekly Challenges with Prizes!

We’re hosting weekly challenges throughout the month of April and you can win some great prizes for participating! Each week has a theme and a weekly prize drawing for participating.

To enter the weekly drawing and be eligible for the grand prize drawing at the end of the month:

  1. Complete the weekly challenge
  2. Post a picture or comment in the Snoqualmie Valley Move More Facebook Group or email your activity to

All weekly submissions are due by Thursday at midnight each week and winners will be announced on Fridays!

Week 1, April 1-7: Walk

Walk 10+ minutes each day this week.

Prize: Physiocare Water Bottle & Gait Analysis

Week 2, April 8-14: Try Something New

Try out a new type of exercise this week.

Prize: One Month of Unlimited Classes at The Yoga Garden

Week 3, April 15-21: Earth Day Week

Move more while helping the earth (e.g. walk and pick up trash, dig a hole to plant a tree, rotate your compost bin, walk at the farmer’s market, etc.)

Prize: Trimazing! Mesh Produce Bags and Swim Cap

Week 4,  April 22-29: Build Strength

Build strength with 10 squats, 10 calf raises, and 10 punches each day (all in a row or spread out).

Prize: Tolt Travel Therapy Back Knobber and Cocoa Butter

So let’s get out and MOVE MORE this month! I’ll be posting more tips and information on movement this month here in the blog, the Trimazing! Facebook Community, and Trimazing! Instagram. I hope you join me and these great community partners! Don’t forget to join the Snoqualmie Valley Move More Facebook Group too!

Click here to download the flyer about Move More Month!

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