The Game Changers and Other Plant-Based and Vegan Documentaries

I am super excited to share about an awesome, new documentary, The Game Changers. It premiered one month ago, and as I watched it at it’s world premiere I thought, I can’t wait to share this with everyone! It’s only just released on YouTube and tomorrow, October 16th, is released on Netflix, and, as the title says, I think it’s a game changer in sharing the message about whole food, plant-based eating. It’s also now available on Amazon.

The Game Changers, produced by James Cameron (of Titanic, Avatar, The Abyss, Terminator series, and more) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, race car driver Lewis Hamilton, Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic, and Chris Paul of the NBA. It follows James Wilks, a mixed martial artist Ultimate Fighter champion as he examines what would be an optimal diet for him for injury recovery and continued athletic performance. His journey showcases the work of physicians and scientists, Olympians, college and NFL football players, bodybuilders, and other elite athletes thriving and crushing records on whole, plant-based diets free of animal products. It really is inspiring and eye-opening! Here’s the trailer:

Again, you can watch this now on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. I highly recommend you check it out.

The Game Changers is on a pretty long list of other awesome documentaries I recommend about plant-based and vegan eating and lifestyle. If The Game Changers gets you excited and you want to learn even more, check out these other great films for more information:

Forks Over Knives 

Plant Pure Nation 

Code Blue

What the Health

Eating you Alive


Diet Fiction

The Invisible Vegan

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

A Prayer for Compassion




Supersize Me

Running for Good

Food Inc

King Corn


Live and Let Live

The End of Meat

Did I miss a plant-based or vegan documentary that you recommend? Please let me know!

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