What Trimazing Does


Support transition to Whole Food, Plant-Based eating

Are you wanting to learn how to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet or interested in transitioning to a Whole food, Plant-Based way of eating and need tools, tips, a plan to start? Did your child come home from school and announce they are going vegetarian? Has your health care provider recommended a plant-based diet? We can help you set and achieve your goals and work with your provider through transition planning, shopping and cooking skills, and more, completely customized to your family and needs.

Add variety to your already plant-based diet

Perhaps you've been plant-based vegan for a while and are looking for variety or ways to incorporate more whole, unrefined, foods or start no-oil cooking. We can help with shopping and cooking skills, and more!

Bring nutrition and wellness practices to your workplace

People are eager to improve their health and eating habits. Employer support gives employees a huge advantage and benefits the organization as well. Let Trimazing! help create a culture of health and wellness benefiting your employees at work and at home.

Best practices for integration with family, friends, and work

Ready to make a change but don't know how to introduce this to your family? Concerned about integrating this with school or work lunches? What about the holidays, dining out, or going to other people's homes for meals? Let us work together to come up with techniques for success.

Cooking techniques, classes, and recipes

Want a one-on-one cooking class? A fun afternoon or evening with family or friends? Maybe group cooking classes for your company or organization? Have an InstantPot and don't know how to use it? Schedule a Trimazing! cooking class at your home or business that's fun, informative, delicious, with samples and recipes included.


Add green practices to your life

Learn how to shop for and make cleaning supplies that are better for you and the environment.

Waste reduction

Interested in composting, worm bins, recycling, and zero-waste? Let us help you get there and reduce your carbon footprint.

Emergency planning and preparedness

Need help figuring out how to stock up for emergencies without relying on SPAM and MREs? How much water do you need? Let us help you plan for emergencies in a way that reflects your vegan lifestyle.

Organic gardening

Interested in growing your own food and don't know where to start? Food gardening is a great way to support a plant-based, sustainable lifestyle and we can help show you how.


Setting and meeting fitness goals

Certified through the American Council on Exercise, in health coaching, we can work with you to develop a plan to meet your fitness and weight loss goals.