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Sourdough Breadmaking at The Bread Lab & Make a Sourdough Starter!

By Cindy Thompson, Trimazing! Health & Lifestyle Coaching / October 29, 2019 /

As a cooking instructor, it’s always fun to go take a cooking class to pick up some new skills! I’ve been struggling with teaching myself how to make sourdough bread using only sourdough starter for the leavening. While I’ve been really successful making English muffins using sourdough discard and commercial yeast, my breads made using…

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Salad in a Sandwich! Sweet Potato Bahn Mi

By Cindy Thompson, Trimazing! Health & Lifestyle Coaching / August 20, 2019 /

A few weeks ago Alan and I took a little impromptu road trip to explore part of the North Cascades Loop in Washington state, going clockwise from Burlington to Monroe. It had been years since Alan had done this and I don’t recall ever going on the section between Concrete and Wenatchee, Washington. We found…

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