Week 2 Recap

Unfortunately I didn’t get quite as much training in this week, not really sure why… I ended up being on vacation the whole time, and maybe my brain thought I was on training vacation as well. Whatever it was, I’m back in the saddle again…bike saddle!

I did, however, get a few road cycle rides in, thanks to one of my brakes seizing up on my car!! We finally had some sunshine and it was wonderful to be on the bike outside again, though a little chilly at 35 degrees during my morning ride from Les Schwab to home.

I have been rounding up training resources, however. I attended a Portland Triathlon Club (PTC) Newbie Coffee Hour in North Portland and met some great people, mostly women, varying from newbie to several full Ironman tri experience. The majority were from the westside of Portland, but will be great to ride with them occasionally for different scenery. Did meet one woman from Vancouver who had been a competitive swimmer at Purdue, which will be a great resource for my swim training; she is interested in cycling together.

I contacted the Tornadoes Swim Team, a competitive swim team in Vancouver that has Masters Swim practices. They have a couple people they are working with for tri training; I’m waiting to hear back from their coach on working into the training program. I’m very psyched about that!

Also found the Vancouver Run Club Meetup Group  and the Clark County Running Club for some running groups. I’ve been inspired to look for running clubs by my friend, Manager John, who has been Twittering and Facebooking about the club runs he’s been doing in the other Vancouver (BC) in his marathon prep. I really don’t like to run alone, doesn’t feel safe to me, especially on trail runs, which I love, so it will be nice to have people to go with and will get me to different places I might not know of or go alone to otherwise.

During the PTC Newbie Coffee Hour, I met Bonnie Crawford, who totally amazed me. Check out her blog, The Making of a Speed Leopard, and read her story. Very inspiring!

So, this week is off and rolling. Have my workouts set up for the week. I have found that interspersing Zumba (which I love and look forward to) seems to be a great incentive for me, and gives me some cross-training from the running, cycling, and swimming and a great workout.

So here’s how I think this week’s workouts will shape out…

Monday: Zumba
Tuesday: 5K Run
Wednesday: AM Swim, focusing on treading water drill, breathing drill, and beginning swim drill (Warm up 4x25m, Main Set: 4x25m, Cool down: 50m. Boot camp PM.
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: 3K run and rest
Saturday: Maybe Boot camp (see how I recover from Wednesday!!)
Sunday: 12-15 mile road cycle with Christine

I feel like I’m totally forgetting something, but dunno! Seems like enough!

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